We Help Law Firms grow!

Our Philosphy

We help Law Firms grow through best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

Our goal is to educate lawyers about best SEO practices so their practices can thrive.

Our focus.

Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-efficient way to gain customers today.
Before you spend money on any other marketing efforts, your need to make sure you have optimized your online content for search. Here are some of the ways we help.
Web Audit

We will audit your current site and show you ways to perform better in search results.

Content Strategy

We can create a content strategy that will help you target and gain the clients you are looking for.


We will educate you about best practices and strategies in order for you to compete better online.

Competitive Audit

We will show you what is working for the competitors and how you can ethically compete.

Plan for Success!

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Core tenants of SEO

Google controls more than 90% of all internet searches and if you don't make the first page of search results, your are largely invisible to new clients. Google wants internet users to be able to interact meaningfully with websites they discover through search.

Although Google keeps their search algorithm a closely guarded secret, they have made it clear, and data shows that, in order to place well in search results, law firm websites need to be:

Super fast

Google rewards websites that load super fast and punishes ones that don’t. 


mobile Optimized

Your website need to look awesome on mobile devices and also be accessible  as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


Beautifully Rich

Your website needs  to be beautiful in design and rich in content that matches your core strengths while letting potential clients know everything they need to know about your firm.. 


properly coded

All of the relevant SEO source code, that people don’t see, but Google does, needs to be compete, accurate and up-to-date so your site will rank in search results and users will visit your site.

thought process

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.